Evan Viera


Evan Viera is a music educator from Piscataquis County. Evan started to show interest in music at a young age, and began taking piano lessons when he was five years old. It wasn’t until late in his high school education that he decided to pursue music education, at which point he began to study percussion, saxophone, and trumpet. Evan recently graduated from the University of Southern Maine Magna Cum Laude, receiving a Bachelors in Music Education. He served his student teaching internship in Daegu, South Korea at the Daegu International School, and is currently the K-8 music teacher at the Piscataquis Community Elementary and Middle school in Guilford, ME. Other than music, Evan enjoys playing chess, tennis, volleyball, and reading. Evan has been on the SMSC faculty since 2018 and is looking forward to the upcoming year.